The intellectual side of fart jokes by Diane Hellekson

It could have been all shock; it could have been all schtick. But Prof. Rudman instead researched the heck out of his topics (nudity, sexuality, elimination, etc.) and followed their evolution in art, culture and into the realm of politics and justice. Dare I say it was a Stimulating lecture  Replete with scores of great images, projected large, and even sound effects. Plus, the prof looks really cute in a cap and gown. Only disappointment: In the full lecture, I noted no dildo props, which were used to rhapsodic effect in the 3-minute Fringe-for-All.

The Prof pulls it together by David Porter

In witty fashion the Prof skewers his widely shared cultural heritage of inhibition and phobia with well researched spotlights on social, political and emotional responses to universal human functions and condition. Have you farted today?  On target…pucker up babe!

Meet the Prof by Joshua Humphrey

On it’s own merits, this is a fascinating lecture. The presentation of the material and slides kept me engaged for the entirety of the hour, and I can’t say I was bored at any point–who can, when they check their repressions at the door.

There are a few shows like this in the fringe that stand out because they’re not theatre or performance (The Comedy Hypnosis Show comes to mind). Go with the flow and if you get the chance, pop in and take in a little culture. Or is it anti-culture?

The Problem of the Body by Stu Barron

This performance was outrageous and shocking in the best tradition of Fringe offerings. The multimedia presentation as well as the coresponding monologue were dense with what I assume were scrupulously researched facts and yet the effect was a potent mixture of disbelief, embarassment, revelation and hilarity. An important social and aesthetic critique told in an appropriately shocking and funny manner.

Funny as hell, great visuals by Big Vagina

Professor Rudman has a trenchant critique concerning the prohibition of bodily images and functions in Western society. It’s a witty and goofy presentation.

Oooh, look! Thingies! by Fringivitis Vulgaris

It’s a cute conceit with a basis in truth. Yes, we’ve got cultural obsession/denial problems. This show has the pictures and occasional sound effects to prove it. Not new information, but it’s a nice assemblage. The Monday night show was plagued by technical difficulties and it threw off the performer just enough to leave a dent in the show. Still worth seeing if you’ve got a gap in your schedule and you’re in the neighborhood.

Informative, entertaining, and unique by Kelly Glader

This show is not a show, it’s a lecture. But that’s actually not a bad thing! Prof. Rudman has a lot to say, and you should listen! He lectures about history, current events, and societal constructs–all relating to our bodily urges. What makes this lecture so good is that we rarely take the time or have the opportunity to really sit down and think about how ridiculous our current view on bodily urges is, and this show does just that. A MUST see.

A large body of artwork…. by Betsy Nelson

Prof. Rudman had a great collection of slides of artwork….very fascinating. The pace was a little awkward, though.

Go See  Yes, for a great lecture. by Nick Decker

Timecodes from lights-down:

00:43 – Nude images presented in a slideshow, including artwork, photography, pornography, and paparazzi-shots of certain celebrities.

A lack of live nudity was sorely disappointing. The lecture was fascinating, though. I enjoyed this show.

Lots of images… by D Sandberg

May want some editing, but Prof. Rudman keeps this broad survey moving by bombarding you with images you didn’t see in Art History class. He puts forth the case of our schizophrenic attitude toward “the body” and sexuality in a culture inundated with sexual images selling product. Fun show with informative anecdotes about evolving mores relating to bodily functions.

Bawdy hilarity! by Curt Sloan

Puritanism still stalks our culture. Let it hang out, air out, come out. Come on enjoy it! You know you do. Only those with bodies will enjoy this show….

The Problem of the Body by Bill Young

Entertaining, informative, and intellectually stimulating. A fantastic show!


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